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See social network APIs from a different perspective. See them with Flurr, the social network API wrapper library. The most powerful, yet simply easy to use tool of that kind. All open source, and at your finger tips...

What is Flurr?

Flurr is the ultimate open source API wrapper library for different social networks such as Twitter, Tumblr and more! With it, you can easily connect to social networks in your desktop and web applications, by simply importing a tiny dll file.

Why Flurr?

As you may know, there are a lot of similar projects to Flurr out there, but this particular project is unique. Why? Because it includes all the most popular social networks and transforms their advanced APIs to lets say, more programmer friendly ones. Not all the code is wrote by me however. Some of the code is taken from other open source projects which are dead or some that were never alive. Hey, please also note that the head developer, me that is, is called Rafal and is 13 years of age. So please donate if you can! More about this here.

More on this page.

What about the source code?

I will publish the code to the Source Code section of this website via a Mercurial client, however you don't necessarily need one. I will commit it every time I finish a CLASS, if a class is not finished I do not publish it. Simple.

Please feel free to add issues to the Issue Tracker and/or ask questions in the Discussions section of this page.

I will try to annotate/comment the code which I write/edit so people get as much support as possible. This project is the one I will focus on most this year and maybe for the next couple of years. It will include large and helpful Documentation files on this website or for download.

As I mentioned before, some of the code is taken from other projects. The Tumblr API wrapper source code was taken, translated to VB and highly modified from the open source WinTumblr project, however the Twitter API wrapper source code was taken from the (closed) open source TwitterVB project which was written by Duane Roelands (who I guess doesn't like me, because he blocked me on Twitter, pfff!).

More in the Documentation.

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