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Hello. I'm Rafal and I'm a 13 year old computer programming and technology enthusiast. At the moment I'm in High School, in England. Also, I have a course at Home Learning College studying MCTS Visual Basic .NET Programming (2008). My course is ending on the 28th of March (this year). After that, I will have a Microsoft Certificate 70-505 exam which I'm planning on passing!

I started this project to help me better understand more advanced VB code and more importantly (not so importantly to the exam though) the APIs. I really do think that APIs are the future of... well everything.

I really enjoy writing code (especially in VB and C# at the moment) and making some simple Photoshop or Illustrator projects. I have a blog about my ideas and other technology and computer related stuff. It's kind of a scrap book of mine. I'm also a massive fan of the Wired (UK edition) magazine. I think it's the only magazine that sets apart from others (check out my article about it here).

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