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Now, this page isn't about making you feel that you have to donate but it will talk more about it. First of all, you do not have to donate to this project (and don't feel guilty if you don't). It is an open source project which I work on in my free time (usually after school). Please remember that I'm 13 years of age (turning 14 on the 14th of August!) and this is my first more advanced project. You can find out more about me here.

Of course, you can donate money to me at - you will not only help the project and keep it going, but help me raise for a new computer. The one that I'm working on at the moment is pretty much... bad. Not only it has a slow Intel Celeron processor but is a laptop too! I'm saving up for a machine that will last longer than a laptop and is MUCH, much more powerful.

Even if you don't donate a penny, I will still try finding some free time to work on it. This will be my main point of focus (as long as my open source projects are concerned) for the next couple of months. I think donation is just that nice touch of open source projects. People not only download your code, app and actually use your project, but like it so much that they are willing to donate some of their money to kind of thank the author. Please check out this page to find out more about the fundaments and ideas of this project. Also read a quick note about The Right Attitude.

So... are you willing to donate?

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