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On this page I will describe the project and how I'm planning on improving and continuing it in the near and far future. To me, it's not just about writing code and getting people to download the project - it's more of a personal achievement. How will I continue the project? What actually is this project? Why did I make this project?

What is this project?

This project, Flurr, is a kind of all-in-one API wrapper library for different social networks such as Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Dribbble and more (see Development Status for what I'm working on at the moment). It is meant to help developers to write cleaner and easier code and to work more swiftly with APIs.

Why did I make this project?

I made this project to help developers work with APIs easily. Because the TwitterVB project was closed couple of weeks ago, they can't get updated Twitter API wrappers - so I'm developing one just like TwitterVB (see Development Status)! Not only that, I wanted to upper my API and coding skills a bit too. I also made this project to kind of fill in the gap between API wrappers for .NET (there isn't much of that out there).

How about the fundaments?

The point I'm making is that I love APIs. I think they're the future of the web and maybe even hardware. As I said, I started this project to help others work with APIs more easily and quickly. I'm trying to make this library as easy and clear to use as possible so even beginners can use my project. I also added advanced features to it so pros can use it too.

It is important that you check out Development Status as this is the place I update regularly - what has to be done, what I'm doing at the moment, etc.

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