General Notes

I like to sort my code and files. So I divided my project into three folders. "tumblr", "twitter" and "facebook". Because Flurr will have all those three API wrappers in one, I needed a "sorting" system. I came up with this - when you import Flurr into your project, you can just start typing a class name in your code and IntelliSense will show you all the possibilities. But how do you know what the classes are called without looking at Flurr's source code? I've made it simple. Each class for each service has its name. For example:

tumblrPostText 'this would correspond to Tumblr API wrappers' PostText class
tumblrEventArgs 'this is Tumblr's EventArgs class
twitterTweet '(although I haven't stared even thinking about the Twitter library, it will be done) this would be Twitter's Tweet class


Get it? If you have any questions contact me or visit the Discussions page.

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